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Car battery buying tips
Car battery buying tips

Car battery buying tips

10 points (tips for buying a car battery) that you should follow when buying a car battery.

Depending on the type of trip and the weather conditions, most car batteries last between 1-3 years. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a new car battery.
Battery size
Car batteries are divided into group sizes that indicate the length, width and height of the battery. You can find out the required battery size by checking the car manual or consulting your mechanic and then comparing the car batteries. It is a good battery that fits snugly in the battery tray, securing the battery and preventing vibration damage.
Battery freshness
The freshness of the battery is indicated by a code on the battery. Which contains a letter and a number. This letter means month and number means year of production. B / 4 stands for February 2014. Never try to buy a battery that is six months old.
Storage capacity
Storage capacity is when the battery can run on its own power without a motor before discharging. Having high storage capacity helps the car in difficult conditions such as incompatible engine, alternator failure and accidental turning on of lights.

Power required

This refers to cold cooling amps (CCA) and (CA). Cranking Amps refers to the energy required to start the vehicle at 0 ° C, while Cold Cranking Amp refers to the ability of the battery to start the car at -33 ° C. CCA is used for cold weather and batteries with higher CCA are recommended.

Repair and maintenance

There are two scenarios: low maintenance and non-maintenance type. The car battery is usually sealed without maintenance. And the liquid electrolyte can work during battery life without the need for replacement. Low-maintenance batteries are closed with caps. Which allows you to occasionally add distilled water.


It is recommended to consider the warranty and choose the battery with a long free replacement. Warranty periods usually vary between 6 and 18 months. Depending on the date of purchase of the battery, it is possible to deliver a new battery or refund the purchase amount within the specified period.

Type and location of terminals

The position of the positive terminal affects the polarity of the vehicle, and if the positive terminal comes in contact with the metal shell of the vehicle, the poles may shorten.

Amps (AH)

The amount of electricity that a battery can store is called ampere (capacity). Higher amps mean that the battery can hold its charge for a long time, so it is less likely to run out of charge.

Battery life

You can check your current battery life at a auto parts store or by a battery specialist. This will help you decide if you need a new battery or just a maintenance one.

Previous experience

Before buying a battery, consider your previous experience with the type of battery. And you can always compare this experience with your friends.

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