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Introduction of Orum Kian Battery Company
Kian Battery Group under the management of Mr. Seyed Majid Jalali in 1393 started its activities in the city of Urmia in the field of car batteries. In 1394, by receiving a representative from Tavan Energy Resources Development Company (Saba Battery), it expanded its activities. In 1397, the company's activity was expanded throughout the province of West Azerbaijan, where the total sales in this year was over 10,000 batteries, and in the same year, Orum Kian Battery Company was established and started operating.

Nanosaba and Saba Smart brand
In 1398, the company succeeded in obtaining the exclusive brand of Nano Saba, which led to the sale of 28,000 batteries in the first half of the year and reached 80,000 batteries in the second half of the year.

Get the Milan brand
After expanding the company's activities in 1399 and receiving the brands of Saba and Saba Smart, the sale of batteries increased to more than 330,000 units and Orum Kian Battery Company was able to reach the first rank of Saba sellers. In 1400, the company succeeded in receiving a new brand called Milan.
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مجید جلالی | رئیس هیئت مدیره
Majid Jalali Chairman of the Board
فرید رحمانی | مدیر فروش اینترنتی
Farid Rahmani Internet Sales Manager
دنیا بهشتی | شرکت اروم کیان باتری توان
Donya Beheshti Sales Support Manager
Farzaneh Hirani Banking Sales Manager