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Buy car batteries from the store
Buy car batteries from the store

Buy car batteries from the store


In the online sales unit, the battery is sold individually and directly to the real consumer.

Visit Takstart online store ( to buy car batteries. Easy service to dear customers is one of the principles of Takstart store. For this reason, you, dear customers, can easily buy and receive all the products of our store according to your conditions.
But the most important point in online shopping is the various methods for selecting the desired product, according to which esteemed customers can easily choose and buy their desired product.


Buy a car battery

Various online shopping options from the store:

Shopping by brand:
In this method, customers can choose the brand they want from the various brands of the store and then select and purchase the appropriate battery according to their electrical system and amperage.
Purchase by car type:
This method is one of the efficient options of the store for the convenience of dear customers. If you do not know the amperage of your car battery, do not worry, you can easily search for your car type in this section to see a complete and up-to-date list of suitable batteries for your car and according to Choose and buy a battery that fits your car’s electrical system.

* ‌ Buy a battery based on your location:

In this method, the customer’s location is specified on the website map and then based on the customer’s location and using reliable spatial information systems, the location of the nearest single-start transport fleet is displayed and the arrival time of our experienced technicians for Checking and testing the car’s electrical system and replacing the battery will appear on the map.



Phone call 1652:

Dear customers, to register your order, buy the product or receive the tips and advice you need, you can call the global phone number 1652.
The experienced experts of Tak-Start, while providing the necessary advice and guidance, will fully provide the services required by customers to select the appropriate battery for each car, the method of payment and service.



In-person purchase from agencies:

Buying products in person is one of the most important ways to buy. But Takstart store has updated this choice with technology.

car battery

The battery along with the engine is one of the basic elements of the car. The battery is a key component that serves as an energy storage system and provides power to the engine, combustion and auxiliary electronic systems such as lights and radio. Improperly installing the battery on the car can cause serious damage to your car. So, when the car battery life is running out, find a suitable replacement for your car that is also compatible with the weather in your area. Always keep in mind that battery performance at low temperatures is always different from high temperatures.

We provide you with a wide range of up-to-date batteries and easy access to them in the Tak Start online store. It is enough that he has chosen one of our means of communication. To single-start the product that you, dear buyer, deserve the quality of to deliver to you and your car.

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Buy car batteries from the store
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