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Available amps of batteries
Available amps of batteries


  • One of the important services of Orum Kian Battery Company, as the largest sales representative of car battery banking, is online sales. In the following, we will review the available amps of batteries in the online store and bank sales. 

    Existing amps of batteries

    In the following, we will discuss how to find out how many amps is a car battery? Stay with us.

    The car battery is the source of electricity storage in the car, which is responsible for transmitting electrical power to the relevant parts of the car; And you should pay attention to the points in choosing the right battery for your vehicle to have the best and most suitable choice.
    The proposed batteries are determined by the amount of electricity consumption of your car as well as the power of the alternator for charging and the space available for the battery.
    If you add another electric consumer to your car, such as strong bands, choose the highest amps among the suggested amps, and if you do not add any consumers, choose the lowest.
    Just keep in mind that the high amp does not harm any part of the car, provided that due to the high conditions, the amount of electric consumption of the car and also the power of the alternator for charging and the space available for the battery is determined and the high amp has no effect on No air conditioner and other items.
    Available amps for car batteries:

    Available amperes along with the type of vehicle

    Amperage of existing / non-existent vehicle type
    35 non-existent styles
    45 non-existent styles
    L1, L2 50 available styles
    55 styles available
    60 styles available
    66 available styles
    70 styles available
    74 available styles
    80 non-existent styles
    88 styles available
    90 styles available
    100 light and semi-heavy available
    120 heavy available
    150 heavy available
    170 heavy available
    200 heavy available
    250 heavy available

    Reverse or left pole (L) and opposite or right (R)
    Batteries are divided into two categories, reverse and opposite, based on the location of the positive and negative poles. Opposite pole means the negative pole is to your right when the battery poles are in front of you. Reverse pole in a car battery means if the battery poles are in front of you. Place the negative pole to your left.
    Some batteries have both opposite and reverse poles. Therefore, the abbreviation L or R appears next to the amps of those batteries, and its inversion can be recognized.
    Long and short base
    Some batteries have long and short bases. In long base batteries, the battery terminals are located above the surface on the battery. But in short base batteries, you have the same level on the battery


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Available amps of batteries
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